What’s on the Menu?

We do things a little differently here at EasyFit Meals!

There’s no menu for you to select individual meals.
Instead, we do that for you! How amazing is it to have a surprise at your door each week?

Our meals are things like:
Chicken and potato, Chicken and pasta and Chicken and rice
And then each week we change up the flavors and sauces!
Then we do beef and pasta, beef and potato, beef and rice, pork and potato, pork and rice.
Again, changing up flavor’s, spices and sauces
These are just the everyday healthy and our bulk meals.
Our keto meals are similar, but obviously no carbs and only keto friendly veggies

Our vegan ranges Include beans and rice, beans and freekah, lasagne, Alfredo pasta, summer salads, Asian noodles, lentil and veggie curry, mushrooms and rice and so many others!

Each week we do six different meals in each of our ranges, depending on local produce that we have sourced.
This way, we can accommodate our clients that have specifically asked for something to be left out, or sudden prices rises which occur frequently
You can deselect proteins and sides when placing your order
When ordering a 6 pack you get 1 of each meal
A 12 pack means you will receive 2 of each and an 18 meal pack means you get 3 of each meal in that range.