Delivery Times: Kwinana & Rockingham: Tuesday 2-5pm | North of the river Tuesday: 11pm-5am | Mandurah: Wednesday 2-5pm | South of the river: Wednesday 11pm-5am | Bunbury: Wednesday 11-3pm fortnightly 

Sample Menu





The EasyFit Difference is: There are No Menus!

Easyfitters like tailored, hassle-free variety and affordability… We love that!

You personalise your selections and then we create the menu weekly in each range just as you like it.

This way we are able to recession-proof prices and ensure freshness of produce every week.


Fresh and exciting meals made with veggies and veggie sourced proteins! Each meal averages 15g of protein and only 250-400 calories.


Perfect for a low-carb lifestyle. Each meal is loaded with fresh seasonal vegetables, healthy fats and good proteins.All gluten free and only 250-350 calories.


Perfect for those requiring higher calorie meals. Ideal if you work long, strenuous hours, or want to build mass and regularly undergo gruelling workouts.


Feel great everyday – kids love it too! Enjoy healthy carbs, fresh seasonal veggies and great proteins – all portion controlled.

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