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You’ve seen the show – Seinfeld – you have lived through the Festivas family roastings – Now you can even buy the board game!!

Love them or hate them, Christmas holidays are typically a cacophony of family, friends, food and sometimes family feuds.

George’s Costanza’s dad, Frank, in the show Seinfeld was always disappointed with George and liked to let him know it. He even created a different holiday, Festivas, where the celebration consisted of airing of grievances and feats of strengths.

Now, Festivas just seems to happen anyway in many households with the stress of Christmas; buying all your food and buying all your presents. Whose house are we going to? Do we go to the husbands or the wife’s? It’s a very stressful time and that’s when arguments start. So, in our household we’ve just adopted Festivas and turned it into a funny thing because that gets us through the holiday.

So, each Christmas, we have a few drinks and all sit around the dinner table. Everyone has a turn at roasting each other before we end on a positive note where we tell each other how we’re really proud of each other as well – just to round it off.

It is definitely lots of fun and now this year I have been given a Festivas board-game so we are going to have fun with taking it up a notch and adding in feats of strength.

Many households have unknowingly been celebrating own brand of Festivas over Christmas with family and friends giving them a roasting (whether they wanted to play or not!). So, I think it’s important to just keep your interactions light and playful over this time. Keep it fun and don’t take yourself too seriously.

AND if you are going to try celebrating Festivas this year one big tip I have probably don’t tell your wife that you don’t like her cooking because you may not won’t get fed until the New Year!

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