Our 6 meal pack is the minimum amount needed for your order.

We do make sure that all the meals are balanced for your diet, so each meal comes with a minimum 100g of Vegetables.

Confirmation email will be send to your email.

We don’t have an option to choose each individual meal. With the group type of meals you have chosen, there are choices for you to choose proteins, carbs and dietary requirements to leave out of your order.

We design the meals based on what you have selected!

This way we are able to take orders right up until cooking time, meaning shorter wait times between ordering and receiving!

Meals are delivered fresh so you can decide what stays out for the next few days and what gets frozen for later.

To keep fresh, leave in the fridge for up to 5 days.

To keep frozen – store at or below 18ºC for between 1 to 3 months.

If defrosted, meals only require 2-3mins in the microwave, depending on the heat level of your microwave.

If frozen, place on auto defrost, or auto reheat.

It is best to let the meal defrost overnight so over cooking does not happen.

Each recipe will have an ingredients list where you will see what is required out of your milk it for each recipe. If there are any posts or spice blends there will be a sticker on each individual item

No, our delivery driver will drop your order at the front door of the address provided, however, it is essential that you place the meals into a freezer as soon as you get home. All deliveries come in a foam cooler box with dry ice, so your meals can stay cool if you are not home.

Delivery for south of the river is Tuesdays late afternoon, and Wednesday  between 10am-6pm for north of the river.

Once you have emailed or sent through an order online there are no cancellations or refunds.

If meals are delivered and its damaged please email us at info@easyfit.net.au

We have a commercial kitchen located at 1 Stanyford Way Medina where we prep, cook and dispatch your order.