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What is the Easyfit difference?

We provide hassle-free nutritionally healthy ready-made meals with the home-cooked feel. 

There is No Menu

  • YOU set your goal, personalise your preferences and dietary requirements
  • WE provide the variety and the fresh affordability every week,  fortnight or month

No Pretence 

There are no ingredients that you can’t pronounce just fresh, healthy portion controlled meals to meet your goals

Set & Forget Variety 

Our Easyfitters LOVE that they can ‘set and forget’ and their food simply arrives with a different menu selection every time personalised to their requirements.

We take away the hassle of portion control, shopping, prepping (and often food wastage)

What Ranges do you offer?

We have KetoVegetarianEveryday and Bulk – for more information about each of these please click on the names and visit the information on the website

Do you have a menu?

We have sample meals in our Ranges and Sample Menu and seasonal specials for reference

We don’t have a menu where you select how many of each meal you want

The Easyfit difference is the ability to personalise your meal.

  1. So simply select the Range you want
  2. De-select any main ingredients you wish to leave out
  3. We then design the meals based on what you have selected!

This way we are able to provide variety and freshness of produce personalised to you; whilst recession-proofing the pricing

What’s the minimum amount of meals I can order?

Our 6-meal pack is the minimum amount.

I am ordering for more than one person – what do I do?

We understand that everyone’s nutritional needs are different or you may be buying for several people in your household so you can easily add different packs to your cart. 

Simply go through each order individually until the end  – picking food preferences and adding snacks.

Once everything for that person is added – simply click on the next Range and go through it again.

I need a recommendation what do I do?

What is your Goal?:  

Weight loss:

  • Everyday (with meat and carbs)
  • Keto (low carbs – high fats) – watch what you are snacking on between meals
  • Vegetarian

Health/ Maintain/Convenience: Everyday or Vegetarian

Active lifestyle / Muscle-building: Bulk

Don’t forget your Breakfasts (great for Keto and weight-loss)

And your Keto & Gluten Free snacks

Do they come with veggies?

Yes each week our meals contain up to 20 fresh locally sourced vegetables.

I am coeliac – is your food safe for me?

Whilst we are unable to offer food specifically for Coeliacs – we do offer gluten free and all sauces are gluten and preservative free – made from scratch.

Do you cater for food allergies and/or specific dietary requirements?

Unfortunately, we cannot cater for specific dietary requirements or allergies. We offer Gluten and Dairy Free options, we cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment within our one kitchen.

Please be aware that due to other food sources used in our kitchen, there may be traces of ingredients containing Wheat, Gluten, Milk, Egg, Tree Nuts, Peanut, Fish, Sesame, Soybean and Lupin in our meals.

To check if other allergies can be accommodated, please contact us

How long will the meals keep for?

Meals are delivered fresh so you can decide what stays out for the next few days and what gets frozen for later.

To keep fresh, leave in the fridge for up to 5 days.

To keep frozen – store at or below 18ºC for between 1 to 3 months.

Can the meals be frozen

YES – pop them in the freezer immediately and they will last up to 3 months. Please note that cooking times are determined by the product being thawed

How do I heat my meals?

If defrosted, meals only require 2-3mins in the microwave, depending on the heat level of your microwave.

If frozen, place on auto defrost, or auto reheat.

It is best to let the meal defrost overnight so over cooking does not happen.

Where is the food cooked?

We have a commercial kitchen located at 1 Stanyford Way Medina where we prep, cook and dispatch your order.

When do I place my order by?

Place orders before Sunday 6pm to ensure delivery that week.

Any orders placed after this will be delivered the following week.

Why not Set & Forget with  a Subscription weekly, fortnightly or monthly

How is my order confirmed?

A confirmation email or Text will be sent to you.If not and you are on a Subscription – you may go into your account and check. Any problems please email support@easyfit.net.au

How do I make menu selections?

You don’t!  That is the Easyfit Difference ensuring we are recession proofing the pricing and guaranteeing freshness, variety and affordability for you.

You choose your Range (Keto, Vegetarian, Everyday or Bulk) and personalise your dietary requirements and we do the rest

For our sample menus please go Sample Menu

Can I order meals as a One-off?


Some Easyfitters simply purchase One-off every few months to load up the freezer!

Other purchase them for friends and family – A great gift to give!

Do you do subscriptions?

Absolutely! Simple Set & Forget Convenience to help you keep your nutrition on point.

When you become an Easyfitter you can opt for weekly or fortnightly or even monthly delivery with no lock in contracts – so cancel any time.

You have your own dashboard so you can go in and make any changes BEFORE the cut-off point that week (Sunday 6pm WA time)

Our Easyfitters LOVE that they can set and forget and their food simply arrives – with a different menu selection every time personalised to their requirements. 

We take away the hassle of portion control, shopping, prepping (and often food wastage) 

How do I pause or stop my subscription?

We all need a break sometimes!  And you have full control!

  1. Log in into your Dashboard.
  2. Click ‘Manage Subscriptions’,
  3. Choose to either ‘Cancel Item’ or ‘Pause ‘Item Till’
  4. You will then receive a confirmation email.

Please remember to make any changes BEFORE the cut-off point that week (Sunday 6pm WA time)

How do I make changes to my orders?

  1. Log in into your Dashboard.
  2. Click ‘Manage Subscriptions’,
  3. Make changes
  4. SAVE

Please remember to make any changes BEFORE the cut-off point that week (Sunday 6pm WA time), otherwise the changes will take effect the following week. If there is a problem please email support@easyfit.net.au

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