Delivery Times: Kwinana & Rockingham: Tuesday 2-5pm | North of the river Tuesday: 11pm-5am | Mandurah: Wednesday 2-5pm | South of the river: Wednesday 11pm-5am | Bunbury: Wednesday 11-3pm fortnightly 

How long do the meals stay cool for?

Our bags contain a large ice pack to keep your meals cold and fresh. The bags are able to be outside for up to 8 hours (dependent on the air temperature).

Can you deliver to my workplace?

We really try and accommodate everybody’s needs however Please advise us before placing an order to make sure it coincides with delivery times and your work schedule. We may not be able to accommodate a workplace delivery if there is no parking or if its outside our delivery window times.

Is pickup available?

We pride ourselves on being a home delivery ready-made meal service. This means that your meals are delivered to your door each week. To do this we don’t currently have the availability to pick meals up.

What happens if I miss my delivery window?

If driver shows up and cannot enter apartment complex or residence the driver will find the safest spot to leave it.  If that is not possible, then we will cancel the order. No refund will be issued.

When do I need to be there to receive the delivery

If you live in a high-rise apartment with no front door access. The driver cannot leave their vehicle and travel up lifts to your apartment. If you or someone else have a dog in the yard (even though he is a lovely cuddly bear…). That is a health and safety issue.

Do I need to be at home to accept the delivery?

If you are not home, your order will be left in our ice bag, with an ice pack.  Our driver will do their best to hide your bag from the street – near the front door. Please mention in the comments any special delivery instructions. Please leave the previous delivery’s ice-bag and ice-pack out when […]

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