Delivery Times: Kwinana & Rockingham: Tuesday 2-5pm | North of the river Tuesday: 11pm-5am | Mandurah: Wednesday 2-5pm | South of the river: Wednesday 11pm-5am | Bunbury: Wednesday 11-3pm fortnightly 

How do I change my account password?

Here are the steps to change your account password in WooCommerce: Once you’ve saved your new password, you should receive a confirmation message that your password has been updated. It’s always a good idea to choose a strong, unique password and to avoid using the same password across multiple websites.

My IP is Blocked and I can’t place an order

Sometimes individual’s IP address can be associated with malicious activities, causing it to be blacklisted by websites, even if you have not engaged in any wrongdoing. The fastest way to fix this is to provide your IP address so we can whitelist you. How to find your IP Address On the device where you were blocked: […]

I missed the cut off time to cancel/make changes

Ugh – I’m sorry there is nothing we can do this week… we are very precise with our ordering so that we are able to ensure affordability and freshness for our Easyfitters.  All food is freezable… or perhaps a friend would like to try our meals.

You no longer deliver to my area?

Unfortunately I delivery area can change due to demand and time restraints. Please feel free to email us and we can talk about other options support@easyfit.net.au

I can’t finalise my order and keep getting the order screen

1. Do we deliver to your postcode? If not you may not be able to place the order 2. Have filled in the required fields? If they are empty they will not be able to place the order. 3. Have you ticked and filled in the necessary items  ie The google Captcha upon placing the order. 4. Please try another browser. Are […]

How to make changes to my subscription order?

First you will need to Cancel your current Subscription and set up a new one. NB: any changes to a subscription must be made by Saturday 11.59pm prior to delivery otherwise changes will take effect on the following delivery run

How do I make changes to my orders?

Please remember to make any changes BEFORE the cut-off point that week (Sunday 6pm WA time), otherwise the changes will take effect the following week. If there is a problem please email support@easyfit.net.au

Do you do subscriptions?

Absolutely! Simple Set & Forget Convenience to help you keep your nutrition on point. When you become an Easyfitter you can opt for weekly or fortnightly or even monthly delivery with no lock in contracts – so cancel any time. You have your own dashboard so you can go in and make any changes BEFORE the cut-off point that week (Sunday 6pm WA time) […]

Can I order meals as a One-off?

Absolutely! Some Easyfitters simply purchase One-off every few months to load up the freezer! Other purchase them for friends and family – A great gift to give!

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