Easyfit was created in 2016 while I was still running a fitness business. I found the ready made meals helped my clients with what and how much to eat. We were extremely strict when we first started. We didn’t even have lasagna! As the years progressed we have come a long way and now believe we offer the perfect combination of fresh, healthy and tasty meals while still being calorie controlled for weight loss and optimal nutritional value.

We source only local produce from many other small businesses in Perth. Our menu changes with the seasons, to keep inline with what produce is readily available. This also helps to keep our costs as low as possible.

We may not be like other ready made meal companies. We don’t have a menu where you select how many of each meal you want. Instead, clients simply pick a meal pack, choosing any dietary requirements they need to take into consideration, or any main ingredients they wish to leave out, and then get a surprise when their order arrives!

I believe that our super quick turn-around between ordering and receiving your meals is what clients really want. This gives us flexibility when we are selecting produce the few days before your order is cooked.

We have cooked for so many families over the last 5 years and can’t wait to cook for so many more.