5 Week Kickstart Challenge

Feeling fit and Fabulous in 2023


Are You…

Ready to get your health & fitness back on track – yet you struggle with planning and preparing of food?

Are you uncertain about portion sizes – yet you struggle with planning and preparing of food?

Do you start strong and then life gets in the way?

Or are you exercising hard – yet not getting the result you want?


you want some motivation, advice and general support on what to do that works with your lifestyle?

Tick off Your Health and Fitness With My 5-Week Kickstart Challenge

While most people think gruelling hours in the gym and having to get up at 5am and run for an hour day in day out is the reality of feeling healthy and fit it’s actually the right nutrition and portion size that make up 80% of an effective approach to changing habits to become a healthier, fitter version of yourself! 

Take the pressure off yourself and get your meal preparation, nutrition and your portion control on point instantly so you can start getting the results you want fast.
Every week during the challenge we will deliver 10 nutritional ready-made meals customised to your dietary requirements.
Plus you can also add on breakfast meals and snacks as well
With nutrition covered you then have more time, motivation and energy to get moving and focus on strengthening your mindset, tweaking or smashing those habits and imbedding the activities that encapsulates a healthy lifestyle for you. 
We will be giving daily tips and motivation on how to change habits, recipes & cooking videos on meals the whole family can enjoy and also everything else that the easyfit kitchen will bring to you.

Get your Nutrition, Mindset, and Exercise "on point" to get results fast

In a nutshell…

-5 Lunches & 5 Dinners Each Week
-Choose from VeganFit, KetoFit or EverydayFit (FREE Delivery)
-Private Facebook Group
-Nutrition myth-busting
-Daily tips and motivation
-Cooking videos
-Q&A sessions
-Behind the scenes in the EasyFit kitchen
-VIP Flash sales and deals

Plus, pay upfront and receive $100 off the full 5-week price!

Ready to Join?

*phone number is given so Vanessa can contact you and discuss your dietary requirements


Week one is going to be a lot about your mindset, motivation and setting yourself up for success with your goals. Being clear on what your goals are, why you want them and most importantly how to keep going when life gets in the way.

  • Bring your Goal to life and breathe energy into it so that it continues to motivate you and inspire you past the first week

  • Identify and supercharge your action motivators and so that you set the scene and create the environment for you to succeed

  • Harness the power of your brain’s need for instant gratification so that it works for you

  • Access easy tools, tips and insights so that motivation and commitment stays high and so that you can get back on track quickly if you need to

  • Share your challenges and receive support and feedback so that you can give yourself permission to be a human being and be kinder to yourself


Let’s get some big movements going on. It’s not just about getting those dumbbells in the gym. We are talking about incidental movement and getting you to embrace a healthy movement that fits into your lifestyle. You may want to know what you can do in the gym or at home. I will be talking about activities and exercises you can do in a short time to maximize your impact and target areas that are important to you. There will be something for everyone for the busy mum, the average Joanna – just getting started and the athlete wanting some tips.

  • Exercise variety – so that you can give yourself permission to turn a ‘chore’ into fun

  • The know-how so that when you hit the gym or do incidental exercise at home you know exactly what your doing

  • Develop the ability to a assess your strengths and development area so that you are more self-reliant and confident in your choices for you

  • Ongoing support and motivation from me and the rest of the Easyfitters to achieve our goals.


This is the week people struggle: Some may not have seen the results they were hoping for and drop off. But don’t stress, we have your back! There will be lots of tips and help to keep you motivated on hump week.

  • Get recipes for easy nutritional lunchbox snacks so that you can ease the cravings

  • Enjoy nutritional snacks and easy meals for yourself so that you can mental AND physically feel healthy – inside and out

  • After eating 21 fresh veggies twice a day be amazed at your clear-head and glowing complexion

  • Share your awesome ‘go-to’s to support each other to deal with hump week and celebrate the wins!


21 days in and time to get our habits on track. We tweak and fine-tune some of our bad habits so they don’t derail us and reinforce our everyday good habits. We will be looking at shopping and the bad habits that creep into our trolleys and houses

  • Learn to control ‘the shopping trolley’ so that you stay on track at home

  • Pinpoint the 1-2 key habits that are getting in your way so that you can tweak, smash or phase them out

  • Get input on nutrition, being healthy on a budget, your pantry so you can – make small consistent changes – and get big results Recipes

  • Accountability and your personal cheer squad so that you can succeed and have fun doing it!


We’re taking it up a notch. We’re going to talk about some of the foods that we shouldn’t be eating. A big one has been sugar and alcohol. You’d be surprised at what you will find sugar in

  • Learn to read packets so that you can choose what sugar you eat

  • Discover other ways to manage stress so that you can thrive (rather than reach for the chocolate of wine)

  • Consolidate YOUR plan of action for events so that you are calm knowing ‘you’ve got this’

  • Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!

Ready to Join?

*phone number is given so Vanessa can contact you and discuss your dietary requirements

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This all sounds great but what if….

No worries! The challenge is a resource you can dip into at your own pace and time. You will receive the itinerary every week and have access to the challenge content every day and you can come back to them any time. However, remember that a big part of taking the Challenge in real time is working alongside other wonderful women and sharing your work, struggles and ideas with them as well as getting gentle, constructive feedback, through our awesome closed Facebook group.
Then just don’t do them! Nutrition is 80% of battle. At EasyFit Meals we are here to help you get your nutrition and your portion control ‘on-point’ to achieve your health and fitness goals so you will receive two meals a day delivered weekly for 5 weeks. The Challenge complete with the experts, videos, tips, daily motivation and more – is simply an added bonus to help you stay on track and to get the support that maybe you are not receiving from your friends and family. I am pretty confident you will quickly realize the impact it can have on your mindset and will love it!
No problem! As long as you join our private Facebook group after you sign up, you will have easy access to other like-minded Easyfitters whether busy Perth mums, average Joanna’s looking for a healthy lifestyle, or Athletes bored or struggling with their meal prep… Someone in the group will no doubt have the answer or solution you are looking for, and me and my weekly expert will be answering questions as well in the group!

Absolutely!  The 5-Week Challenge is something that we are basically offering for FREE as an added bonus to those who want to be part of a community getting fit’n fabulous together. 

In the Challenge you recieve 5 lunches and 5 dinners per week (at a discount)

PLUS delivery is FREE

PLUS you have experts, recipies, motivation, support, accountability and FUN all thrown in for free

5 lunches and 5 dinners per week (at a discount)

PLUS delivery is FREE (Delivered in the Perth Metro Area – no Bunbury sorry)

PLUS you have experts, recipes, motivation, support, accountability, and FUN all thrown in for free in the Private Facebook Group

PLUS Specials, Deals, Flash Sales – after the 5 Week Challenge

Ready to Join?

*phone number is given so Vanessa can contact you and discuss your dietary requirements

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